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Welcome to In Touch Spa !
二人同行現抵400優惠 Two present 400 discount (pm13:00~PM19:00)

    ※ 消毒防疫很重要 淨化空氣也不容忽視,非常時期 我們提供每一間房間空氣噴霧香薰精油燈+75%酒精、以及佛手柑 尤加利 迷迭香 茶樹…純精油薰香消毒 不限課程全部提供!

    ※ Disinfection and epidemic prevention are very important,We provide air spray aroma oil lamp + 75% alcohol disinfection in each room,and Bergamot,Eucalyptus,Rosemary,Tea Tree… Pure essential oil aromatherapy and disinfection.